Thermomix Abbreviations and Generic Terms Explained


If you’re new to the world of Thermomix cooking (or thermal cooking in general), you’ve probably noticed some abbreviations being used around the place.

In addition, recipes written by recipe developers not affiliated with Thermomix Australia (like me!) sometimes use terms that may not be familiar to you.

It might be good to bookmark this page to refer back to while you’re getting used to the new lingo but don’t worry, it’l l soon be familiar!

Common Thermomix Abbreviations

Abbreviations are used for several reasons. I like to use them as they take up less space and are easy to read.


These are abbreviations for the word ‘Thermomix’.

TM21 / TM31 / TM5 / TM6

All models of the Thermomix, listed above oldest to most recently released. The current model is the TM6. You can read all about it here.


Measuring Cup – this is the removable plastic piece from the middle of your thermal cooker lid.


Thermomix Recipe Community. You will find lots of recipes here. They can be hit and miss as they’re user-shared and not thoroughly tested. However, many of the recipes are good. The best thing to do is to always read the reviews if considering making a recipe from the RC.


Everyday Cookbook, the cookbook that came with the TM31.


Basic Cookbook, the cookbook that came with the TM5 and comes with the TM6.

Acronyms you may see around the place

Sometimes you may see the titles of my books shortened down to acronyms, here’s what they stand for:


Main Meals Made Easy


Summer Meal Mix Up


Feel Good Food Made Easy


Lunches and Snacks Made Easy


More Main Meals Made Easy


Super Sides Made Easy


Salads For All Seasons

Generic Terms used in Thermobexta Recipes

The following is a list of generic terms I use in my recipes. The reason I use these terms is because they are descriptive words that I hope make it easier for users of non-Thermomix brands of thermal cooker to understand what I’m referring to when I use them.

Steaming Attachment

This refers to the accessory that sits on top of the bowl when cooking, used for steaming. On the Thermomix it is called the Varoma.

Top Tray of Steaming Attachment

This refers to the tray piece insert that sits inside the steaming attachment.

Steaming basket / Internal Steaming Basket

When I use these terms, I’m referring to the basket that sits inside the bowl.

This accessory is commonly used for cooking rice, steaming smaller amounts of vegetables, or cooking eggs in their shells. It’s also handy to have it in place inside the bowl when milling spices as it assists in keeping the spices down around the blades.

Steaming Temperature

Steaming temperature is the hottest temp your thermal cooker goes up to. On the Thermomix it is called Varoma temperature.

The following is a list of abbreviations I use on my recipes for the different dietary codes. This is more relevant to my cookbooks than on the website, though you will see them both places.

Dietary Abbreviations used in Thermobexta Recipes


Dairy Free


Egg Free


Gluten Free


Nut Free




Make It Meaty. Recipes in my books marked with MIM in the contents have a detailed meat variation included on the recipe – it’s like two recipes for the price of one!

Any More?

I hope this helps familiarise yourself with terms that are new to you. If you come across any others, please let me know in the comments so I can add to the list!

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