Swedish Gravy (just like IKEA’s Meatball Cream Sauce)

grey tabletop, with black bowl of mashed potato, vegetarian meatballs and Swedish cream sauce gravy, a few pieces of asparagus at back of plate. Small pouring jug bottom left with cream sauce in. Knife and fork and blue serviette front middle and right.

This Swedish gravy recipe for the Thermomix is rich, creamy and luxurious! It’s just like the IKEA meatball cream sauce. A savoury, cream sauce, perfect for accompanying your meat-free (or meat!) balls, nut (or meat) loaves, steaks, veggies, and more. Last year when much of the world started spending periods of time confined to their…

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Thermomix Cookbook – Family Favourites Made Easy

cover page family favourites made easy. table full of different dishes

The wait is over, my eighth cookbook, Family Favourites Made Easy is open for pre-sale! Filled with a mouthwatering selection of vegetarian Thermomix meals, along with a few sides too, this book is bound to become a much-loved addition to your Thermobexta library. No matter what your family structure – whether it’s small, large, extended,…

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Lime and Coriander Cashew Sauce – also a great dip!

lime coriander cashew sauce in a bowl, on brown placemat. Fresh coriander and lime and corn chips

This sauce is life. Seriously. If you’re after a quick condiment to take your meal up a notch or ten, make this. It may look like a simple mix of basic ingredients, but the combination is ahhhmazing. It’s a savoury cashew cream with lots of lime and coriander, producing an exquisite sauce. Not only that,…

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Enchiladas – On the table in 40 minutes!

plate piled with enchiladas thermomix pepper grinder old style in the background, along with baking dish of more enchiladas

With my 8th cookbook Family Favourites Made Easy just around the corner, I recently ran a poll in the Facebook group to determine which recipe everyone wanted to make first… Enchiladas were the front runner, with Penne alla Vodka and Mulligatawny coming second and third. Here I am sharing with you the ingredient list for…

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Best Ever Hot Cross Buns – Thermomix Easter

Basket packed full of hot cross buns that have been whipped up in thermomix, small bowl full of candied Easter eggs to the left with some on the tabletop also. Background is a green placemat and cream doily.

With Easter just around the corner, I thought it was high time to create some traditional hot cross buns! The Thermomix makes the dough for these hot cross buns, as well as the mixture for the crosses and the glaze to finish them off too. So easy and with really great results. Six years ago,…

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Vegan Hemp Seed Pesto

overflowing jar of hemp seed basil pesto, gold spoon handle sticking out, surrounded by crackers, two basil leaves in forefront

This vegan hemp seed pesto is a great alternative to a traditional pesto recipe. It’s the perfect pesto for those that can’t eat nuts or dairy and don’t want to miss out, or compromise on taste! We LOVE pesto in our house! I make it a lot and usually follow this recipe. I have tried…

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Warm Brie with Quick Christmas Jam

warm brie with Christmas jam sitting on greaseproof paper, with cheese oozing out of part of it. Artesian crackers to the left hand side

Well, WOW! This warm Brie appetiser is a quick and easy entertaining option and… trust me when I tell you, it will disappear FAST! It’s a recipe that started out as one idea and by the time it was complete, it had morphed into a totally different one. The original idea was to bake up…

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Sugar and Spice Almonds – A Christmas treat!

sugar and spice almonds spilling out of a jar, onto beige fabric on wooden surface, two cinnamon sticks on the left top

I’ve been making Sugar and Spice Almonds for years at Christmas time. I don’t know why I’ve never shared a recipe for them here! I was writing my planned list of home made gifts for this year and thought I better make these first cab off the rank, so I could do my thing and…

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Thermomix BBQ Sauce – Pantry Staple Ingredients

Thermomix bbq sauce in black ramekin on black textured round placemat, on rustic black tabletop. Spoon in dish, Birdseye view

For years I’ve had requests for a Thermomix BBQ sauce! I’ve put it off for too long, it couldn’t be left any longer. The reason I’ve not tried doing a BBQ sauce up until now, is the popularity of my Tomato Sauce. Years ago it went viral and it remains today the recipe of choice…

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Thermomix Abbreviations and Generic Terms Explained

If you’re new to the world of Thermomix cooking (or thermal cooking in general), you’ve probably noticed some abbreviations being used around the place. In addition, recipes written by recipe developers not affiliated with Thermomix Australia (like me!) sometimes use terms that may not be familiar to you. It might be good to bookmark this…

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Halving Thermomix Recipes – The 20% Rule

From time to time I am asked if halving one of my Thermomix recipes is possible. My recipes are generally written to take full advantage of the capacity of the Thermomix. The main reasons for this are: 1. To cook family sized meals (and other recipes). I have five mouths to feed and know that…

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Thermomix Cookbook – Salads For All Seasons

It is with great excitement that I share this evening the much anticipated seventh Thermobexta cookbook: Salads For All Seasons. Pre-sale is officially open! This is the ultimate Thermomix salad collection and my prediction is that it will be used heavily by many over the summer months and beyond. With stunning full-page professional photographs and…

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Recipe Roundup: Super Thermomix Soup Recipes

seven different soup recipes with blog post title underneath: super thermomix soup recipes, with thermobexta logo underneath

These soup recipes are some of the easiest Thermomix recipes around. With the weather cooling down this week, I thought now was a great time to put them together in a list as an easy reference for you. This list is just a selection of some of the soup recipes here on the website. Be…

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Spicy Tomato and Red Lentil Soup

spicy tomato and lentil soup made in thermomix, in brown bowl with handle. Sitting on black slate tile on grey backdrop, with croutons and dry lentils in on the tile

This Spicy Tomato and Lentil Soup recipe is made so simply in the Thermomix. It is a fabulous way to warm up on the coldest of days! Full of veggies, nutrient packed and on the table in half an hour, I only created this recipe today but can already tell it’s going to be a…

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Dutch Baby Pancake (Puffed Pancake)

dutch baby pancake in black cast iron pan on rustic background. Fruit inside and outside on plates

Dutch Baby Pancakes, also known as German Pancakes, are a fun, perfect no fuss breakfast that are mesmerising to watch cook. It’s quite a strange name, as they’re not Dutch (their origins are in Germany) and there’s nothing small about them. They are, however, a puffed up pancake! Well, think pancake meets crepe meets Yorkshire…

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Thermomix Dalgona Coffee (Whipped Coffee)

Two iced coffees, frothy toppings.

This viral sensation is taking the internet by storm at the moment and my Thermomix Dalgona Coffee recipe makes light work of it by putting our mixers to (very) good use! I first tried it one night a couple of weeks ago and was hooked. Since then, it’s been making a regular appearance here, much…

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Recipe Roundup: Best Flexible and Frugal Thermomix Meals

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca flexible thermomix meals, on a plate on woven placemat and light coloured table

Flexible and frugal Thermomix meals are the most popular ones! Two of the most important things to me when creating recipes, are that they use easy to access ingredients and that they are good value: making a good amount at a low cost. However, with the global pandemic currently well and truly upon us and…

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Thermomix Cookbook – Super Sides Made Easy

ultimate side dish recipes: thermobexta super sides made easy front cover page

I am incredibly excited to share with you tonight the my sixth cookbook: Super Sides Made Easy. This fantastic collection of 25 side dish recipes for thermal cookers will suit a wide range of cuisines and styles of eating. Many of the recipes are almost a meal in themselves, needing to be served with just…

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Speedy Satay Vegetables – Super Side

Brown bowl filled with thermomix satay vegetables grey table black bowl with chilli and lime behind

With each new book launch, I run a poll in the Thermobexta Facebook group asking which recipe you would most like to cook from the book first… Speedy Satay Vegetables received the most votes and is really such a good choice! In true Bexta style, this Thermomix satay recipe is very simple to make and…

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Thermomix Spinach Cob Loaf Dip

thermomix spinach cob loaf dip in cob loaf. Cream background with chunks of crusty bread around

Thermomix makes light work of a great Spinach Cob Loaf Dip filling! My version here is really very delicious and without the common inclusion of packet soup mix, yet jam packed full of flavour, it is a great choice. A decadent showstopper perfect for wowing friends and family at social gatherings, I am sharing this…

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Tex-Mex Vegetarian Tacos – Fast weeknight meal

plate of tacos, bowl of taco filling next to it with other ingredients around

I originally developed this recipe for meat-free Thermomix tacos a few years ago and it was very popular! Nice and quick and so tasty, it’s a great choice for a fast weeknight meal. Along with many other recipes here on my blog, as more and more recipes were added and my cookbooks became available, hidden…

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Thermomix Cookbook – More Main Meals Made Easy

cover page thermomix vegetarian more main meals made easy

Pre-sale is officially open for my much anticipated new cookbook, More Main Meals Made Easy! This book is a brilliant collection of Thermomix vegetarian main meals. Most are on the table in under 40 minutes, making this an essential resource for busy families, or those that just don’t want to be spending long in the…

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Thermobexta’s Quick Coconut Curry

thermomix vegetarian curry in white bowl on straw round placemat with bowl of rice and glass of water in background

This coming Friday marks the release of my latest Thermomix cookbook, More Main Meals Made Easy. There is a lot of excitement on the socials and it seems that you guys can’t wait to get cooking from this book! So, like my previous cookbook releases, I ran a quick poll in my Facebook group asking…

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Thermomix Cauliflower Soup with Halloumi

thermomix cauliflower soup in bowl topped with halloumi and chives. White background. Bowl of halloumi and bowl of chives next to soup.

Today I bought a cauliflower and when I got home I discovered another in my fridge. Oops! What to do with the extra cauliflower? I decided on Thermomix cauliflower soup, for this wet, cold day in Perth. I often make this soup however I had never weighed ingredients or recorded it. It’s such a quick,…

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