Recipe Roundup: Best Flexible and Frugal Thermomix Meals

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca flexible thermomix meals, on a plate on woven placemat and light coloured table

Flexible and frugal Thermomix meals are the most popular ones! Two of the most important things to me when creating recipes, are that they use easy to access ingredients and that they are good value: making a good amount at a low cost. However, with the global pandemic currently well and truly upon us and…

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Thermomix Cookbook – Super Sides Made Easy

ultimate side dish recipes: thermobexta super sides made easy front cover page

I am incredibly excited to share with you tonight the my sixth cookbook: Super Sides Made Easy. This fantastic collection of 25 side dish recipes for thermal cookers will suit a wide range of cuisines and styles of eating. Many of the recipes are almost a meal in themselves, needing to be served with just…

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Speedy Satay Vegetables – Super Side

Brown bowl filled with thermomix satay vegetables grey table black bowl with chilli and lime behind

With each new book launch, I run a poll in the Thermobexta Facebook group asking which recipe you would most like to cook from the book first… Speedy Satay Vegetables received the most votes and is really such a good choice! In true Bexta style, this Thermomix satay recipe is very simple to make and…

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Thermomix Spinach Cob Loaf Dip

thermomix spinach cob loaf dip in cob loaf. Cream background with chunks of crusty bread around

Thermomix makes light work of a great Spinach Cob Loaf Dip filling! My version here is really very delicious and without the common inclusion of packet soup mix, yet jam packed full of flavour, it is a great choice. A decadent showstopper perfect for wowing friends and family at social gatherings, I am sharing this…

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Tex-Mex Vegetarian Tacos – Fast weeknight meal

plate of tacos, bowl of taco filling next to it with other ingredients around

I originally developed this recipe for meat-free Thermomix tacos a few years ago and it was very popular! Nice and quick and so tasty, it’s a great choice for a fast weeknight meal. Along with many other recipes here on my blog, as more and more recipes were added and my cookbooks became available, hidden…

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Thermomix Cookbook – More Main Meals Made Easy

cover page thermomix vegetarian more main meals made easy

Pre-sale is officially open for my much anticipated new cookbook, More Main Meals Made Easy! This book is a brilliant collection of Thermomix vegetarian main meals. Most are on the table in under 40 minutes, making this an essential resource for busy families, or those that just don’t want to be spending long in the…

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Thermobexta’s Quick Coconut Curry

thermomix vegetarian curry in white bowl on straw round placemat with bowl of rice and glass of water in background

This coming Friday marks the release of my latest Thermomix cookbook, More Main Meals Made Easy. There is a lot of excitement on the socials and it seems that you guys can’t wait to get cooking from this book! So, like my previous cookbook releases, I ran a quick poll in my Facebook group asking…

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Thermomix Cauliflower Soup with Halloumi

thermomix cauliflower soup in bowl topped with halloumi and chives. White background. Bowl of halloumi and bowl of chives next to soup.

Today I bought a cauliflower and when I got home I discovered another in my fridge. Oops! What to do with the extra cauliflower? I decided on Thermomix cauliflower soup, for this wet, cold day in Perth. I often make this soup however I had never weighed ingredients or recorded it. It’s such a quick,…

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Luscious Lemon Bliss Balls – sweet and tangy

Thermomix bliss balls lemon

These Thermomix bliss balls are almost like eating little balls of raw lemony cookie batter! The recipe came about during the development of my fourth cookbook, Lunches and Snacks Made Easy. Bliss balls have always been a popular snack for my kids so I knew I had to make some for a snack book! But…

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Jalapeño Cheese Ball – Spicy and Moreish

jalapeno cheese ball on board with crackers

This Jalapeño Cheese Ball is sure to be the star of the show at your next social gathering! With a lovely balance of flavours and a slight kick from the jalapeños, it’s quite easy to just keep on digging in. It’s great one to make if you don’t want to share with the kids too,…

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Festive Cheese Ball – Make in Advance

thermomix entertaining cheese ball on board with crackers and knife

The Thermomix makes entertaining a breeze! This Festive Cheese Ball is sure to impress your guests for your next social gathering. Perfect for the Christmas nibbles spread, it’s is festively coloured and bursting with flavour. Something a bit different to the usual cheese plate or dip platter, it’s simple to whip up and will be…

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Cauliflower Cheese Savoury Waffles – Thermomix Batter

stack of cauliflower cheese savoury waffles on a grey plate. Chilli sauce in a jar above left and part of a plated up waffle bottom right

The idea for me to create a savoury waffles for the Thermomix came about from a lovely Thermobexta Facebook group member, Claire. She posted a photo last night of some savoury waffles she’d made her family for dinner. They looked terrific and her kids liked them… However, they asked if she could please not make…

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Recipe Roundup: Thermomix Recipes Using Strawberries

thermomix strawberries

I first wrote this blog post to group together Thermomix recipes using strawberries. Reason being, at the time of writing it the media had reported that several punnets of strawberries in Queensland had been found to be contaminated with needles, initially the strawberries had all come from one farm. Unfortunately, this soon spread with copycats…

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Easy Thermomix Waffles – Perfect Every Time

three thermomix waffles on grey plate on straw woven round placemat. Maple syrup and strawberries on top of waffles

I have a bit of an obsession with having aaaaall the kitchen gadgets and small appliances. However, one thing I had never owned until recently, was a waffle maker. I knew the Thermomix would whip up the batter for waffles in no time. Upon hearing we NEEDED a waffle maker, my lovely Mother-in-law thought it…

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Homemade Sweet and Salty Popcorn

sweet and salty popcorn in glass bowl on white surface

It’s extremely rare that I blog a recipe that doesn’t use the Thermomix, in fact I think there is only one other recipe on my site that is made the old fashioned way! This Sweet ‘n’ Salty Popcorn, though, is something that is impossible to make in a thermie and well worth sharing, so here it is!

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Thermomix Cookbook – Lunches and Snacks Made Easy

It is with great excitement I announce that pre-sale for my fourth cookbook is officially open! Lunches and Snacks Made Easy is a collection of 30 amazing recipes perfect for all ages. A great selection of Thermomix lunches and snacks to choose from, you won’t know where to start! From adults going off to work…

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Thermomix Vegetarian Sausage Rolls

thermomix vegetarian sausage rolls close up on metal detailed plate

Before each of my new cookbook launches, I ask the Bexta’s in my Facebook group which recipe they would most like me to share the list of ingredients for, so that they can have everything ready to get cooking when they have my latest book in their hands, well on their screens… The people have…

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Pesto Pasta with Broccoli – Easy Meal

Pesto pasta and broccoli on white plate with grey detail. Rustic dark background, small bowl of cheese in background

My kids would eat pesto pasta every night for dinner if I let them, they absolutely love it. Pesto is one of those things that the Thermomix makes light work of and packed full of nutrients, this simple meal is something I make for dinner quite often.

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Thermomix Cookbook – Feel Good Food Made Easy

I’m delighted to announce that Volume 3 of the Thermobexta collection – Feel Good Food Made Easy – is now available to purchase. The ultimate Thermomix winter warmer collection! A collection of 26 scrumptious Thermomix recipes, this book is designed to make everyday eating easy, healthy and very enjoyable. Covering meals from sunrise to sunset,…

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Chococherry Self-Saucing Thermomix Pudding

thermomix choc pudding in white bowl, with doily and spoon

Get ready… Thermomix Chococherry Self-Saucing Pudding… Yum! A few days prior to the release of my third cookbook, Feel Good Food Made Easy, I put it to the Bexta Fb group to tell me which recipe they’d like me to release the ingredient list for. This meant everyone could be ready to cook as soon…

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Chewy Sesame Bars – A Tasty Sweet Treat

close up of sesame bar on brown parchment paper, corners of four other sesame bars off to the edges of the image.

These homemade sesame bars are chewy, delicious little energy dense morsels! Similar to the chewy sesame bars you can buy from the supermarket (only with more goodness and no nasties) they’re a great snack. The store-bought variety were something I loved as a kid. I have been wanting to try my hand at recreating them…

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ABC Nut Butter (Almond, Brazil Nut, Cashew)

abc nut butter thermomix in jar from top on green tablecloth with nuts scattered around, edge of toast on place on right hand side

Nut butter is so easy to make in the Thermomix! It’s a staple in our house and our favourite mix is A-B-C: Almond, Brazil nut and Cashew. You can pretty much use any combination of nuts you have on hand, though. I buy all of our nuts (and most other pantry dry goods too) from…

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