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    45 Comments on "Thermobexta’s Cashew Coconut Milk"

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    It’s our favourite milk now before we were only having coconut milk. This is the best nut milk tasty and creamy so far I’ve had with my hot chocolate, porridge and smoothies. Can’t wait to make your banana cake. Thanks

    Julie Jules

    In excited to try this! Where do you buy coconut flakes please? I’ve only seen them in small snack packs with added sugar.


    This milk is fantastic. I love it with my coffee. Thanks Bec!


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    I’m in love with the taste of this milk, and it’s SO EASY to make!

    I didn’t have a nut milk bag so I just squeezed it through some clean muslin.

    As someone who is vegan, but not a fan of nut milks at all, I was skeptical. I only made it because I haven’t yet liked, let alone loved, a recipe that Bec has created. This is the first nut milk I like! It’s so creamy as sweet and thick! The whole 1.6 litres may be in danger of me drinking it up all in one go!


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    I love love love this milk and this is now what I use to make my cappuccino/latte every morning instead of soy and almond. Love looking at it all white and milky in my old school milk bottles too – a novelty for someone who’s never been able to have dairy! Even my dairy-loving sister and my farm-girl friend likes it! As in, “oh, if you’re using that cashew coconut milk, then I’ll have a coffee…” lol. Glad you said you sometimes forget to soak the cashews Bec coz that’s me too! Now for more ways to use the pulp…

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