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    24 Comments on "Thermobexta’s Oh So Soft Spelt Bread Rolls"

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    Hi Just preparing the rolls for the first time, how many rolls do you make with this quantity? looking forward to seeing how they turn out.
    Thank you

    Carolyn Chan

    Hello ! I have been dying to make these but it’s a bit hard to find spelt flour in Singapore and I could ironically only find organic wholemeal spelt. Do you think I can just substitute this for your white spelt flour recipe above ? Thanks in advance !

    Natalie Lofthouse

    I’ve just baked you spelt bread rolls. I am in heaven! I made the dough in my bread maker SD2501 Panasonic. Hats of to you panasonic for inventing such a beautiful bread maker, (which accommodates spelt recipes) and hats of to you thermobexta for the dough recipe.
    I let my rolls final proof outside today being 20c and they plumped up beautifully.
    These will be my go to recipe for soft spelt rolls. The emphasis being on ‘soft.’
    Thank you for the joy I had in eating hot and moist spelt bread rolls straight from the oven, they look exactly like yours:)


    Would very much want to try this

    Do I have to use spelt flour or can any other do


    I have made them and they are the best rolls I have ever made. Very soft. Thank you so much for this recipe.
    Do your bread rolls have a strong taste of yeast though? Should i reduce the quantity slightly? I’ve always had this issue with home made bread. I wonder if it’s the brand of yeast I use.
    Thanks again.


    Rolls turned out perfectly. Soft and fluffy even without the improver. Will definitely be making these again & often

    Elzbeth Victoria

    Hi Bec! Have you used this recipe to make a loaf? Thanks!


    Bec these were so soft and fluffy! A huge hit and will def make again. Thanks for another great recipe

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